The Grand Collection of Mario Games

If there is a truly world-known game character, it would certainly be Mario. Now an easily recognizable Nintendo symbol, the legendary plumber is also featured in small funny flash games. The Super Mario world is enormous and entertaining; find your own way through countless obstacles, enemies and opponents to defeat the evil and arrive at the Palace of the Princess!

Initially, all Mario games were platform, notwithstanding the fact that storylines, minor fictional characters and even moods of the gameplay varied. However, with the development of the magnificent world and the growing popularity of the main hero, there appeared such genres as RPG, sports, and puzzles in the world of Mario. Sometimes the famous plumber is the only main character in the game plot, but since the creation of Super Mario Bros he has been strongly associated with his brother, Luigi. Find more charismatic persons in various game storylines and explore the magic world in a company of cheerful and well-liked characters of the unique Mario universe.

Even though Mario games are generally thought to be video games only, any willing player is able now to enjoy the fancy world on their personal computer. The image of Mario the plumber has been conserved to resemble that of good old video games, ignoring the advantages of modern technologies and computer graphics. Certainly, playing all these games would first bring joy to the gamers of older generations who still remember the original Super Mario Bros and their spectacular adventures. To the younger generation, playing Mario games online will definitely become a rewarding experience: having known what the older games looked and felt like, young gamers will be inspired to explore the world of Mario further and further. And, of course, all means for exploration are easily accessible with Internet: play Mario games online to enjoy yourselves to the utmost!

With Mario being a successfully promoted personage, finding interesting games to play would seem easy. But do you truly wish to play any flash game on any resource only to plunge for some time in the world of Super Mario? Take your time here and look through the grand collection of both the newest and the most known Super Mario Bros flash games that have been carefully gathered to bring you fun and enjoyment. Here, you can play Mario games online for free and as long as you like: it\’s unfathomable to see all these funny games and ignore the temptation!

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